Uniformed & Discreet Security Services

Blue Line Security Solutions’ uniformed and discrete security services undergo rigorous training and background screening to provide top-tier security for our clients.

The presence of our uniformed personnel provide a sense of comfort to our clients and their patrons, while their constant vigilance allows them to identify and disable threats quickly and tactfully. Our clients are guaranteed effective security solutions that are catered to their distinctive needs. While Blue Line Security Services provides all security staff with uniforms, our clients can select other types of professional uniforms based on their needs.

Our discreet security is best suited for retail stores and businesses that require a sharp eye and tact, enabling clients to root out thefts and other threats. This service provides plainclothes security staff trained to identify and disable shoplifting, employee misconduct, and other issues that affect the safety of the client. Like all BLSS personnel, our uniformed and discrete security services are required to complete extensive pre-employment screening and complete certified security training courses. We hold our personnel to high standards in order to ensure the highest level of security to our clients as well as peace of mind to their patrons.