Armed & Unarmed Security Services

Blue Line Security Solutions offers both armed and unarmed security services. We ensure the safety of our clients through highly-trained professionals that prioritize hands-on security, effective communication, and maintaining a positive presence in any environment. In addition to overseeing the safety and security of your facility, consistent patrols, and responding vigilantly to threats, our personnel will create daily security reports and detailed records, collaborate with your staff and local law enforcement when necessary, and flexibly adapt to your unique security needs.

Every member of the BLSS security team is required to complete rigorous, extensive pre-employment screening to ensure the highest level of service, integrity, and professionalism. We ensure our security personnel are licensed and certified, and we are able to offer further training that covers topics such as de-escalation, hazardous materials, CPR, disaster preparedness, and threat detection. Through our intensive vetting and training processes, Blue Line Security Solutions prioritizes providing our clients with tailored security services of the highest caliber.