Blue Line Security Solutions
  • Minority-Owned and Certified (MBE) with a Diverse Workforce

  • Top Women-Owned Security Firm in the Midwest

What Makes Blue Line Security Solutions Unique?

It’s our priorities that set us apart from our competitors. At Blue Line Security Solutions, we never prioritize profits over the needs of our clients or our staff. As a result, our clients experience the highest level of service, consistent support, and quality personnel for their organization and events; and our workforce is among the highest-paid, expertly trained, and valued in the Midwest.

We created Blue Line Security Solutions to introduce a new approach to the private security industry. We set out to discover what happens when you combine a relentless dedication to 365/24/7 client support, the finest selection of security personnel, and a skilled management team with extensive industry experience. We found an opportunity to improve the way businesses, organizations, and individuals contract with private security. We raised the bar on the level of professionalism clients expect from private security firms and discovered innovative strategies to improve the way security guards protect, manage, and secure.

At Blue Line Security Solutions, we build each security plan with our clients in mind. We look at the unique security challenges our clients face and develop an original strategy to protect, continuously expanding on how we deliver and train our staff for optimal performance. Our management team and staff are effective in security services because we are a part of the communities we protect. Our workforce includes retired military personnel and off-duty law enforcement because we share their devotion to serving and protecting people and improving quality of life with order and safety.

You won’t get lost in the shuffle with Blue Line Security Solutions because our expert management team pledges to treat every client like they’re our only client. We understand how important security is for you, so when you contact Mr. Jack Harris, Ms. Fatima Hasan, or any other member of Blue Line’s management team, rest assured you will be their priority. Experience the difference of being a part of the Blue Line Security Solutions family, and learn how attentive, proficient private security services can improve your day-to-day operations.

The Blue Line Security Pledge

At Blue Line Security Solutions, we empower our clients with our promise to be transparent, professional, proactive, and responsive. Our strategic security approach and comprehensive rates are the reason why both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies trust Blue Line Security Solutions to shield and secure their operations.

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